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M.E. [Melvin Eugene] THE LAST ANGRY COP!

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Bill Cosby: Rape and Stolen Art

Posted on July 9, 2015 at 12:08 AM Comments comments (2568)
Bill Cosby: Rape and Stolen Art $50 [B]illion – Cosby has can be prosecuted: CRIMINAL and CIVIL LITIGATION under conspiracy and racketeering….
During the 20 years I’ve litigated against William “Bill” Cosby – I proclaimed Bill Cosby lived at the height of hypocrisy: the obliterator of Black culture. Cosby was allowed to rape and rob - $20 Billion stolen Black art. The 2% used Cosby to distribute stolen art to Black politicians and Black preachers. AND, the 2% used Cosby’s thefts from the Dr. Barnes Art Trust [$30 Billion] to force Lincoln University to accept a $50 million bribe to relinquish control of the Dr. Barnes Art Trust. The women who told their stories of being drug raped are vindicated. But, Black folk will not be vindicated because we are afraid to step out of the shadows of our shame. Cosby’s rape of Black folk has not been done using drugs; nor was it physical. Cosby violated our trust, our hope and dreams of rising above the limited expectations of a society perched on the foundation of SYSTEMATIC RACISM….
                 Systemic Racism – RICH vs. poor
Median wealth of a White Family - $134,000; Black Family - $11,000
Median wealth of a White woman - $41,000; Black woman - $120
How Black America was SOLD: Bill Cosby = Dr. Huxtable & Mr. Hyde

Civil and/or Human Rights are not spectator sports; you cannot sit on the side lines and pretend – anger. If you are not moved to action, you are not part of the solution, you are the PROBLEM!!!

This Little Light of Mine

Posted on July 5, 2015 at 10:18 AM Comments comments (596)
That Little Light of Mine -
GOD used: Moses, a murderer; Paul, a convict, and King David, an adulterer, and the person who wrote the BOOK of REVELATIONS, was on “Crack”. Rather than studying verses of the Bible, read the Bible (cover to cover) 10 times. The Bible is filled with acts of vengeance, immoral ritualistic sacrifices and miracles bestowed those confined to or related to Jesus. AND, the greatest INCEST in the history of the world: Adam and Eve. History: Adam and Eve were Nations; they combined to create what WE know as Africa. We are not called to praise god; what we “do for” the lesser of GOD, we do for GOD….
“From” my career as a NYC-police officer: Everyday; 7 days a week, I prayed: GOD I ask of thee, allow my guns to remain silent. But, if thunder must roar and lighting must strike, allow my aim be TRUE. …Central dispatches a call to you: psychotic woman threatening to kill her husband and 3 children. YOU approach the woman with a smile and your hat resting on your hand because the hat conceals your gun. In an instance a 4 year old child observes the gun and asks, “Mister, are you going to kill my mommy?” What do you do? I do not have time to pray to your god within a “nanosecond,” I am GOD: judge, jury and executioner.
A White cop stated, “I hate that F****** Gibbs.” His White partner responded, “I thank GOD everyday that Gibbs is on our side.” Life is not a side line sport in general and rights (Civil and/or Human) are not texting, tweeting and posting sports in particular. The reason Black folk gained Civil Rights was, WE had “brilliant” LEADERS. TODAY, Black folk follow or become con men and charlatans…. The police are not our problem; name the bad police officers and send them to jail. Black folks problems are corrupt judges, politicians and preachers.
WHY do POOR people pray (god) for economics when GOD has placed WEALTH at our DOOR: Restitution - $100 trillion for 222,505,049 hours of forced labor from 1619 – 1865…or $100 trillion ÷ 50 million (Black folk) = $2 million per person. The recovery of $50 billion of stolen Black art – the illegal denial of Homeowner’s mortgage relief under HAMP – netting banks illegal profits of more than $75 billion a year. 
Thou I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no EVIL because I’m the BADDEST M***** F**** in the valley -

WE are the change – We have been waiting for….


Posted on July 2, 2015 at 6:57 AM Comments comments (474)
No Skin In The Game: The Brian William Syndrome -
The degree to which Black folk achieve OUR “full” investment in America is analogous to a steak and egg breakfast: the chicken has a passing interest, but the cow is fully committed – skin in the game. After the death of Dr. King, Black folk have fallen asleep and placed OUR hopes and dreams in the hands of self serving Black politicians, corrupt Black public figures and morally bankrupt Black preachers.
Recently I wrote regarding Rachel Dolezal, what she exposed most was: how superficial Blackness has become. Blackness is not only measured by the Melanin of your skin, it is also measured by YOUR intellectual and physical commitment to OUR Human Rights. WE do not show proper respect for OUR President, nor do WE demand White folk respect OUR President. WE, who have accomplished nothing of note in our lives and have not bought-into the Black experience, are the first to label a Black person – “Sell Out.” YOU are a Brian Williams “wantabe”; attending a NAACP meeting or posting YOUR narrow opinions on FaceBook will never elevate you to prominent Black status. If I had to chose between the pompous rhetoric of FaceBook and Dr. Ben Carson – Dr. Carson hands down! MY first President - Franklin Delano Roosevelt; MY current President – Barack Hussein Obama II. My life has not changed “one iota” because of who was or was not president.
Faithful – Prays and move to the 1 floor to avoid the flood.
Boat I -  Get in this is the “big one.”
Faithful – I’m waiting for GOD, and moves to the 2 Floor.
Boat 2 – Get in the flood is getting worst.
Faithful – I’m waiting for GOD, and moves to the roof.
Boat 3 – Get in, I’m the last boat.
Faithful – I’m waiting for GOD; and prays, and prays. But Faithful drowns and goes to heaven.
Faithful – Asks, GOD I prayed and asked YOU to save me. Why did you abandon me during the time of my greatest need.
GOD – WHO do you think sent those 3 boats!!!
It is easier to fool the people than to convince the people they have been fooled. Mark Twain


Posted on June 30, 2015 at 12:52 AM Comments comments (2030)
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Posted on June 30, 2015 at 12:28 AM Comments comments (1263)
MIS-EDUCATION of the NEGRO, PART X:   S-HE-RO [Female Hero]
Today GOD gave me an S-HE-RO; and SHE renewed my SOUL. The absolute integrity Bree Newsome exuded in contemptuously removing the confederate battle jack flag was flawless. HER style and grace are reminiscent of how I’ve litigated the Art Case for 20 years; I was lost, but now I’m found! I destroyed the Law Firm of Burger, Stern and Webb: they were one of the most powerful law firms in New York. They represented the Rosenfeld Art Gallery ($500 million) – restructured to avoid my wrath. They also represented the Art Auction Houses; Sotheby’s and Christies – both fined $40 million for collusion; Bill Cosby “crapped” in his pants and Oprah Winfrey didn’t get a “good” night’s sleep until I met with her attorneys and dismissed her from the case. So called Black leaders wanted to know what I would receive when the case was won – to this day I have remained silent. What I would have received was the position of relegating Bill Gates to number 2 on the list of the richest Americans. It was Peter Stern, Esq. who plotted and combined with the Attorney General of South Carolina to stop ME. NOW; Most of my time is spent preparing a $250 Billion suit to re-file in the Art Case – in Los Angeles, California….
However, Bree Newsome is my focus! I will diligently search for ways to deal with South Carolina. Most of my peers believed I was a better trail lawyer than Jonnie Cochran; because the trials I conducted, were conducted in South Carolina. I was forced to raise my fee to $1,150 per hour; it wasn’t for the money! I did this to prevent White folk from retaining me. It allowed me to devote my “full” attention to the Art Case and represent a Black Grandmother’s grandson for a “sweet potato” pie.
I wrote the first of my series several days prior to the Charleston massacre of 9 Black folk. During my lifetime GOD has directed my attention to “sea change.” OUR Grace is not tied to what GOD might or might not do for US; it is tied to the degree WE are willing to for the “lesser” of HER [GOD].

S-HE-RO; YOU are the change – I have been waiting for….

Julian Bond

Posted on February 22, 2015 at 11:46 AM Comments comments (635)
Julian Bond – a life more promising than Barack Obama (President) wasted! Drugs, unlimited indiscretions and selfish arrogance destroyed his father’s “crown” achievement. Dr. Horace Mann Bond (November 8, 1904 – December 21, 1972) was an American historian, college administrator, and social science researcher. He earned a master's and doctorate from University of Chicago, at a time when only a small percentage of any young adults attended any college. In 1945 he became the first African-American president of Lincoln University, Pennsylvania. Dr. Bond became “best” friends with  Dr. Albert C. Barnes, a chemist who collected art after making a fortune by co-developing an early anti-gonorrhea drug marketed as Argyrol and selling his company at the right time, before antibiotics came into use.  Dr. Barnes created the Dr. Barnes Art Trust: more than 2,500 works of art, including 800 paintings, estimated to be worth about $30 billion. Dr. Barnes provided Lincoln University control and $10 million to maintain the Trust. Julian Bond in concert with William “Bill” Cosby and Dr. David Driskell [Rep. John Lewis (D-GA)] “looted” art from the Trust; allowing the White establishment to “blackmail” Lincoln University in accepting $50 million to relinquish control of the $30 billion Dr. Barnes Art Trust. The Harmon Foundation stole 1,000 works of art by William H. Johnson and 2,000 works of art by 200 Black Artists = $20 Billion…Black politicians, preachers and public figures are rendered “useless” due to their participation by “enlarging” their personal wealth….

Bill Cosby: RAPE and Stolen Art

Posted on December 3, 2014 at 2:36 PM Comments comments (457)
The Plantation can only exist if there are slaves and those capable of keeping the slaves in “their” place. Wealthy societies are dependent on slave labor – unpaid or a few dollars an hour; same result, the Plantation thrives. WE express skepticism about the women making allegations about Bill Cosby. WE accuse them of being “whores”, fame seekers, media hounds or worst. One thing I can say about them: Bill Cosby had to drug them and take “IT”. WE just bend over and hope the Vaseline is near….
What kind of man/woman mentions lack of Black “Values” without mentioning that the United States stole an estimated $100 trillion dollars for 222,505,049 hours of forced labor from 1619 – 1865: We accomplished more from 1865 to 1890 that we have since; WHY? We export more oil than we import: rather than gas costing us $1 a gallon, the oil companies make $$$ billions in profits – by law domestic oil prices are regulated. Politicians throw a few “divisive” issues at us: abortion, gay rights, and health care, while passing more than 300 bills favoring the rich and powerful. We are the only “one” foolish enough to believe the rich are divided by party.
Bill Cosby’s attorney has stated, “fact check.” I have fact checked and there is no proof the rape allegations were ever discredited! Fact, Cosby lawyers had to retract their original denial of never having committed a rape. They specifically excluded Andrea Constand; the woman Cosby settled with in 2006. Such a denial would have violated Cosby having agreed to never deny he rapped Andrea Constand! No – Cosby did not admit guilt when he settled the Constand suit. But, if Cosby cannot deny he raped Andrea Constand:  2 + 2 = 4

Please let us be clear as to the facts: the women did not accept “hush” money or any money! In one instance, Andrea Constand settled a civil suit; this happens every day in automobile accidents and other civil matters. The second and more important fact – Bill Cosby is a pedophile; he routinely had talent agencies provide him with girls 15 and 16 years of age and had Frank Scotti and other guard the door while he had sex with these girls. Third and less important, I’ve litigated against Cosby for 20 years – Cosby is one of the lowest individuals on earth and is a central figure in the theft of $50 Billion of art stolen from Black folk…. Had the women come forward prior to today’s environment – they would have been destroyed or worst; killed!

Stand for Something or Fall for Anything!

Posted on March 4, 2014 at 7:09 PM Comments comments (468)
I stand ready and able to relinquish all that I am; to continue the journey of my forefathers.  It is upon their trampled and tortured souls I take leave. THIS case [Recovering $50 Billion stolen Black art] is the most significant event since the passage of the 13 Amendment is laid at my feet. Brown v. Board of Education opened the door – this case shall build the house. Compensation is a product of the market place – value. The value YOU is determined by how much you are worth to someone or something. Our ancestors were sold for hundreds of dollars and their labor, suffering and degradation, produced measured wealth: our inheritance. But, we lack the intellect, fortitude and courage to demand “that” which is rightfully ours. But, I must and will stand as an exception to give testimony to the richness of those who gave the ULTIMATE: their lives. 

The South Carolina Supreme Court

Posted on February 24, 2014 at 9:22 AM Comments comments (477)
My life and/or existence during the past 20 years have been consumed by the ART CASE: the recovery of stolen Black art valued at $50 [B]illion, and elimination of the “controlled” intellectual interstate political discourse of Black folk: the Justice Department used William “Bill” Cosby and Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) to spy on Dr. Martin Luther King and the “Civil Rights Movement.” Then thereafter had Bill Cosby and John Lewis involve almost every Black political and public figure in the largest art conspiracy in American history. The 20 years cost me my health: being arrested and tortured for 18 months-forced to confess to a crime that never occurred, the destruction of my law firm-GIBBS, SCOTT & REDMOND, more than $5 million in litigation costs, and most important-my good NAME. Additionally, my wife “paid a price,” my children, grand children and great-grand children.
The most unexpected action from the most unexpected source: The Supreme Court of South Carolina has provided me the opportunity to restore my good name and law firm, prove the conspiracy in place to control Black folk, and prove I am owed $$$ [B]illion as a result of the 3 cases designed to destroy me that violated racketeering laws (RICO)…. Officially I retired 9 years ago, but in fact I retired 15 years ago – the last year I practiced law thou the ART litigation continue even to this day. Now, I must renew my skills and convince the Supreme Court again, I am one of the best attorneys in America; to quote an old gun fighter, “No brag, just fact!”

Why I’m Proud To Be A Republican, Idiocy Notwithstanding!

Posted on September 1, 2012 at 10:35 AM Comments comments (661)
YESTERDAY: I’m Tiger Woods, absent the garden tools [Hoes].
TODAY: I reduced my 6,000 sq. ft. home to the 1,000 sq. ft. my wife and I use. Then rented the extra 5,000 sq. ft. to total strangers. I sold 78 of the 128 works of art that adorn our walls; keeping the 50 most valuable. This allowed me to eliminate 2 of the 3 heating & cooling systems used to maintain a constant temperature. We spend several thousand dollars a year on our children, grand-children and great-grand-children. I declared them as non-essential and wrote them off. This increased my net worth by 43.87%.
TOMORROW: I’m Mitt Romney-Bain Capital. Roll over in your grave Sam Walton; move over Bill Gates; aren’t you glad you moved on Steve Jobs; Warren Buffett is an accident... Who said Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods can triple my fortune. Please don’t let them run for president....