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M.E. [Melvin Eugene] THE LAST ANGRY COP!

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Social Media

Posted on July 28, 2011 at 7:50 PM Comments comments (11729)
The Egyptians used social media to overthrow a corrupt government. The people of Lybia and Syria are being killed by the thousands. Yet, they use social media in an attempt to gain their freedom.

In America, the wealth gap between Whites and Blacks was 7 to 1; now the gap stands at 20 to 1.We subsidize "the" oil companies at the rate of about $15 Billion per year. We allow companies to “take” billions from Wall Street without investing a dime. We allow politicians, judges and corporate wheeler and dealers to drain billions from our economy everyday.

What do we use social media for...? 

If you do not stand for something, you will fall for anything!

Why Blog....

Posted on July 27, 2011 at 12:53 PM Comments comments (11)
Litigating an art conspiracy where the damagesmay reach $80 Billion and involve the most powerful and influential of our citizens, is unprecedented. If you want a sense of the pressure that consumes my life each day:imagine sitting on death row waiting to be executed for a crime you did not commit!

I have received many comments, both solicited and unsolicited. Rather than spending time needed for the litigation, answering questions and comments, I created the BLOG. The BLOG incorporates the questions, comments and my thoughts. The reader may leave a comment or question. I will reply in a manner that informs the reader why a particular BLOG was written.

I was asked to delay Blogging everyday to give "individuals" an opportunity to catch up... a few days granted....


Posted on July 24, 2011 at 10:10 PM Comments comments (79)
Everybody wants to go to Heaver, But
Nobody want to die....

I’m not sending out the SPAM,someone hacked my computer....
Working on it, NOTE TO THE JUDGE...

Why & Who Cares...

Posted on July 23, 2011 at 8:28 PM Comments comments (99)
The issue of having rejected the offer of $5 million, is not an answer or dissemination of information. It is a reminder to me, and only me, that if I forget history we are lost. The Dr. Barnes Art Trust that was controlled by Lincoln University, has an estimated value of more than $30 Billion. Dr. Barnes’s Trust stipulated that Lincoln University would control the appointment of 4 of the 5 trustees. Lincoln University accepted a bribe of $50 million to vote (Illegal pursuant to the Trust) to increase the trustees from 5 to 9: 5 can outvote 4 any day of the week. I am not a rocket scientist, but $50 million is less than one-forth of one percent of $30 Billion. The individuals offering the bribe, set the $50 million figure prior to the offer to Lincoln. It is shameful that they knew before the fact that Lincoln would accept the $50 million....
Recently I was informed, “There will never be another Dr. King.” As much as I loved and respected Dr. King, that is not correct! There will never be another Harriet Tubman: she led us out of slavery. Dr. King was an incomplete copy of the pastor he replaced at Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, Reverend Vernon Johns: the father of the Civil Rights Movement. Vernon Johns was active in civil rights before Dr. King was born. But, in 1952 he was fired as pastor for being too radical, and Dr. King was hired as his replacement. Thereafter, a little known seamstress refused to relinquish her seat, and the rest is history.
Today, Dr. King would not exist for two reasons. First, “everyone” has discovered that we will give up our seat for a nickle or a dime. The “Seats” of power will never expend precious resources when pocket change can resolve a conflict. Last, Dr. King existed because as a people we made a decision to die rather than accept the one-fourth of one percent of a single piece of silver. How many pieces did you say JUDAS received..., if those ROMANS had known what seems to be know in this country. 

Doing Hard Time?

Posted on July 21, 2011 at 5:08 PM Comments comments (28)
The litigation extracted its first casualty: the lies by the US Justice Department. The Justice Department has admitted that I was arrested and indicted for a crime that never occurred, illegally held for thirteen (13) months, and tortured to force a confession. The reason, to protect their informants, William “Bill” Cosby, Rep. John Lewis, Julian Bond, Al Sharpton, etc., protect the Board of Regents [Smithsonian Institution - $1.6 Billion stolen Black art]: Chancellor, Chief Justice, US Supreme Court, US vice president, three (3) US senators, three (US) representatives, five (5) civilians representing the most powerful corporation in the world, and those involved in the theft of art with an estimated value of $40 Billion.
The litigation began in 1995, thereafter the Justice Department filed three (3) motions with the US Federal District Court, Southern District of New York, in an attempt to have me sanctioned: all denied. The Justice Department filed three (3) motions with the US 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals, in an attempt to have me sanctioned: all denied. The Justice Department filed criminal charges against me with the Internal Revenue Service (I.R.S.), the case was dismissed. The Justice Department filed criminal charges against me with my former federal employer (Department of Defense), the case was dismissed. The Justice Department filed false charges against me with the Maryland and South Carolina Bars. When every effort had failed, the Justice Department threatened my friends and family: that if they did not provide criminal information against me, they could be prosecuted, the threats included my wife and mother-in-law, at the time 80 years old... this act necessitated an immediate and escalated response!
Having accepted the fact that nothing would deter me, in August 2003, the Justice Department had the F.B.I. arrest me. In April 2003, I amended the law suit and charged the Justice Department and F.B.I. with conspiracy and racketeering. Additionally, I filed for an injunction in which I specifically informed the judge that absent granting the injunction, I would be arrested. “They” assumed I would fall on my knees, beg to be released and promise to drop the law suit.... One facility that I was held at, the conditions were so harsh judges gave two (2) days credit for every day served... my conditions were deliberately made worst... there were inmates on “death row” who shook their heads.
Over the past 45 years of my life my favorite quote was paraphrased from Dr. King, “A man who has not found something worth dying for, does not have a life worth living.” Here is the full speech as given when Dr. King was 36 years of age: if a man is thirty-six (36) years old as I happen to be, and some great truth stands before the door of his life, or some great opportunity to stand up for that which is right and that which is just, and he refuses to stand up because he wants to live a little longer or he is afraid his home will be bombed or he is afraid he will lose his job or he is afraid he will be shot or beat down by state troopers, he may go on and live until he is eighty (80), but he is as dead at thirty-six (36) as he would be at eighty (80), and the cessation of breathing in his life is merely the belated announcement of an earlier death of the sprit: he died a long time ago. 
During my illegal incarceration I was known as, Dad, Pop, Popi or OG [Old Gangster]. An inmate who had killed more than 30 people made it “clear” that Dad was not to be bothered and offered to “reach out and touch” anyone on my behalf. In Atlanta I was placed in a two person cell (6'x8') that held five inmates, one bunk and one mattress on the floor. A young brother gave me the bottom bunk and slept on the floor under my bunk-bed to deal with any objections. While in New York, the Porto Rican Crew called me Popi-I was the OG with the big set of Cajones and was untouchable.... Sal, a New Jersey mob boss, enjoyed our intellectual conversations and offered to get me “anything” I wanted.... While in Oklahoma, I discovered that I had been a regular Chess player with the individual who had killed the New York Abortion doctor: he offer me the assistance of his legal team.... When I went on a 21 day hunger strike to stop the practice of Pre-trial detainees being locked down 23 hours a day at SuperMax, I became a “prison” celebrity - at every hearing I attended the holding cells would be “abuzz” concerning, “That’s Dad, the OG who forced them to let us have some freedom.” .... I was transported to court in the “death cage,” a sub divided transport cage, two 3'x6' pad locked compartments. In the event of a serious traffic accident, death is certain. While being transported on a hot summer day, the guards deliberately turned off the air conditioning. Plaintiff passed out and came close to death, the worst of several incidents.... While being transported on a cold winter day, the guards turned off the heat. Most unfortunate was the fact that a woman was being transported in the other half of the cage. Even today, I must take sleeping pills because I can still hear her screams.... Most summer days the heat in my cell exceeded 100 degrees. Forced to stand outside in 32 degrees wearing a tee-shirt. I was denied medication, etc., etc., etc., ....During my life, the expression, “My Good Name,” was just an expression. Now, it is more than just an expression: the Justice Department having admitted each and every fact I alleged was true, to a US federal district court judge, in the most important sense, I have WON!

One Is A Lonely Number!

Posted on July 19, 2011 at 7:18 PM Comments comments (4)
My greatest fear is that “they” offer me $50 million to settle this case: the minimum figure I set to ensure this case was not a failure is, $1 Billion. However, one is a lonely number: I’ve litigated this case for 16 years without financial assistance. But, if I must continue alone my financial death is a foregone conclusion. During the past six months postage alone has cost me more than $1,000, and I average spending about $2,000 per month on the case. Over the sixteen years of litigation I have spent well over $1 million.... This case is analogous to a Ham and Egg breakfast - The chicken has an interest, but the Pig has a commitment. Thus far, there has been plenty of eggs, but only one ham....
Ten years ago I established the William H. Johnson Foundation [Trust]. On the 11th day of July 2011, I prepared this Codicil in the event this case must end at $50 million: $20 million must be divided between the two individuals who “greatly” assisted the case; minus $3 million for individuals who have “worked” for the case, and $35,000 for each $35 individuals contributed to the case, and $60,000 for individuals who ordered the book pre-publication [per book]. I must be given $5 million and live in Paris for a year, not return to the US for more than seven consecutive days. The money cannot be used to purchase real property or anything that will appreciate in value, nor can any moneys be spent on anyone other than myself. The Foundation shall receive $25 million to be placed in escrow; $5 million of which must be managed as my retirement plan. The $5 million taken to Paris must undergo four (4) audits: three unannounced and one final. The audits must be conducted by either the accounting firms of Deloitte or Pricewaterhouse Coopers. If it is discovered that any moneys have been spent in violation of the codicil, those moneys of the $5 million then remaining and the $25 million held in escrow, shall transfer to the Harlem Children’s Zone.
However, if individuals combine in accordance to the two-four plan to render financial assistance, the codicil shall be terminated and a new Trust prepared. The new Trust based on a settlement of $1 Billion: $300 million shared by the “two-four” which would include the $35 contributors and book purchasers. The two greatest contributors receive: 1st Contributor- $100 million and 2nd Contributor- $10 million. The Harlem Children’s Zone to receive $100 million, and the balance: $490 million to the William H. Johnson Foundation. That on a settlement above $100 million the same formula shall be used and adjusted according to the represented percentage.... This case is about changing life forever. What was can never be again, so excuse me if I move on....
A Beautiful Mind - Russell Crowe, (Has nothing to do with the answer, but is a good movie)...... Hope this answers some of the questions. The mind can process 350 bits of information per minute. The average person processes 125 bits per minute, I processed 275 bits per minute. But, the resulting flow is comparable to an alien language. I occupy my life with complex and sometimes cumbersome “matters and things” because “they” act as filters. In order to be great at anything, your first task must be to slow things to a “standstill.” When Walter Payton or Barry Sanders ran, as they moved, everyone else stood still: their mind’s eye conveyed where  everyone would be and where they needed to be.  Getting “it” wrong has never been an option in my life. The more information you have the less opportunity you have to make a mistake. Having the information is only half of the equation, all the information must be processed and prioritized. 
The money or value of this case has no value to me, the money to me is analogous to a buoy sitting in the harbor to a ship. If this case proceed to its full value of $80 Billion, it is not the money but rather the statement. There is not an attorney in the History who has done what I would have done! As long as law is practiced a book will “speak” more than my name. It will say to another little “nappy” headed boy/girl born in Nowhere, NC, “One day this was you.”

Case Update

Posted on July 18, 2011 at 8:31 PM Comments comments (11)
Today, the Justice Department significantly increased the odds that I will prevail in this case. Three months ago, the Court ordered that a Case Management Report be prepared, and a mediator be selected, we failed to do so. On June 27th the judge issued a Show Cause Order: that we comply by today: July 18th and explain why the order of the court had been ignored. VIA FAX: I scheduled July 11th and 12th to be in Jacksonville, FL, to meet with the US Attorney and prepare the report. VIA EMAIL: On July 9th the US Attorney notified me that he would not be available and it was his belief that we should not meet: he would prepare a motion to stay the report pending his motion to dismiss the case, and asked that I agree to the motion. When the Court ordered that the report be prepared, the Court specifically stated that the report be prepared regardless of any pending motions.
My Motion For Summary Judgment is also pending: the Justice Department has admitted to every fact that I have stated, including my false arrest for a crime that never occurred, my being tortured to force a confession, and the destruction of my law firm to protect the largest art conspiracy in history. VIA FAX: I informed the US Attorney that such a motion was without merit and/or frivolous. On July 16th I overnight expressed an eleven page Response to the Court. My response, included all requirements and the correspondence attached as exhibits. The Justice Department has failed to meet the ORDER of the Court!
The judge may select a mediator and order us into mediation with the prospect of the Justice Department being sanctioned if mediation is not reached. The judge may enter judgment for me and order a two day trial in which I would be required to prove $20 Billion in damages-easy to do. The judge could dismiss the case, not likely. Most likely, the judge will order mediation with sanctions “hanging over” the Justice Department. I rejected $5 million, ten years ago. Therefore, I would not attempt to mediate this case if “they” did not begin at $50 million. Tomorrow, I will explain....

I Want My $80 [B]illion (Dollars), NOW!

Posted on July 17, 2011 at 6:54 AM Comments comments (4)
The time has come to put the pedal to the metal and allow the rubber to hit the road. This Blog is not for the timid or those with preconceived ideas. This is not about who I am or who you may believe me to be, this is about money: $0 to $80 [B]illion. Anyone that knows me, know I am not a ZERO kind of guy. If you can handle the truth, follow the truth as told in the first person, by the person....